Questions about Devils Woods

About The Devils Woods
What is the Devils Woods?
The Devils Woods is a haunted forest experience located in South Jersey. The woods of Pittsgrove are harboring more than just a few secrets. Late at night, when the wind whistles through the branches, ghouls come out to play. Lurking behind the trees, nightmares wait to leap out at whoever passes by while adventurers on the Haunted Walk huddle together in fear. But cowardice isn't their only option. Devils Woods also lets you pick up high-powered paintball guns in the Zombie Shoot and fight back against the brain-hungry undead. After you complete the walk unwind a little in the Pub that sits on the location!

You have a Haunted Zombie Shot? What is that about?
This is where we get you into the action and you are able to actually shoot zombies that will be coming at you with paintball guns

Hey, We are about to come out tonight but the actual Zombie Apocalypse is outside… and it’s raining out, are you still open?
We stay open in most cases, but for up to date info check out Facebook. This is where we would let you know about a closing.


Hey I’m about to bring a bunch of people, you think you can hook it up, and give a group rate?
We Offer Group Rates! If you have 15 – 50 or more people then we give you $5 Off a Combo ticket. If you bring more than 50 People We can take off $7 Off the Combo ticket price!

I got a deal from Groupon / Living Social / TicketLeap when can I use it?
If you purchased a deal from the above sites feel free to come whenever you like. If you purchased one of our “Family Fun Tickets” then you must use them on Thursdays / Fridays.

So I bought a deal last year, but didn’t get to use them, can I use them this year.
Unfortunately, we do not have the technology to validate a deal from last year. So we can accept last year deal. But hey, you can still get a good deal this year too!

I got a Groupon / Living Social ticket, I would like a refund. Can you give me a refund?
We cannot give you a refund because we are not in control of their systems. Please contact the respective site.

Know that you will be walking and or running in fear in the actual woods and you should dress and pick out your shoes accordingly. This means that you should be careful!